PONANT exclusive preview: 2022 Short-Haul Voyages, Sustainability and more

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45 minutes to share our Passion and Expertise about Cruising.


  • 45 minutes to share our Passion and Expertise about Cruising with the below agenda: 

  • Yatching, Expedition Cruising and Sustainability

    How does that work and what impact on the Experience?

  • Sustainability by PONANT

    A long standing story of commitments and successes.

  • Unique and Unusual 2022 PONANT Short-Haul Voyages

    Several itineraries presented in depth by our Experts.

  • Live Q&A session with our Experts


Speaker :


Stephen Winter, Multi PONANT cruiser and International Sales Director at PONANT



Alastair Newton, Former Expedition Leader, fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and current Director of National Geographic partnership at PONANT





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